Here's what listeners are saying about "Five Elements".



"Music for mood, meditation, and spiritual concentration has been with us since the beginning. I have never been able to listen to music while working. Ms. Pieck's inspiring work has changed that. In the elements there is form and beauty, and so it is in these fine compositions, truly enabling one to become surrounded in nature through her music."


"I especially like "Sheltering Branches". When I heard it, I feel there is a sense of joy in it. Each time I listen to it, I feel joyful. I also like "Falling Leaves". They have their own characteristics and uniqueness. They truly reflect their own titles and their part in "Wood". Bravo! I think it's a priceless gift and blessing from God."




Awakening Seedlings.........15:38

Sheltering Branches.........14:03

Bearing Fruit...............15:45

Falling Leaves..............15:41

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These four pieces explore the life cycle of a tree, from the first stirrings as a seed unfolds from its place underground to the falling leaves that signal the approach of winter and a return to dormancy. I have been intrigued by the different instruments that suggested themselves for each piece, particularly how their unique sound relates to the title (such as the strings and guitars that evoke the wind rustling dry leaves in autumn).

May you find peace in your listening, and balance beyond the notes.

Stephanie Pieck June 2007











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