Here's what listeners are saying about "Five Elements".



"It's a blessing.... I listen to it on many occasions; when I am doing my activities or when I am relaxing.... Very helpful to assist me to have deep relaxation and give me a very fresh feeling after listening. It gives me an image of calmness and peace since I could listen to water sparkling. How nice!・/p>


"So pleasurable and inspiring to submerge in and listen to endlessly ... touches those special places in my private heart and memories that are reserved for our dreams, prayers and life's transcending experiences. It resonates the peace, quiet and vision we all desperately need and seek."

"Rain falls and water covers the earth providing beauty, cleansing, and refuge ...  Mysterious images come to life, spreading their energy with melody.

 ... God has shared his magnificence."



Spring Tide ...............15:13

Wandering River ............15:26

Morning Mist ...............14:42

Ice Crystals ..............13:37


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The music on "Water" explores water in its three physical states (liquid, gas, and solid), as well as its connection with time and the seasons as experienced through the tides. Water can shape things (as when a river carves a canyon or builds a delta at its mouth), but it is also shaped by things beyond itself (seen as the way the moon's pull controls the tides or the formation of snowflakes as unique creations). This balance was one of the themes that fascinated me most as I created this music.

May you find peace in your listening, and balance beyond the notes.

Stephanie Pieck April, 2007











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