Soul Essence

Whether you are looking for music for yourself for use in meditation, or you're searching for a unique and deeply memorable gift,
Soul Essence may be for you.

As a piece composed specifically for an individual,
a Soul Essence isn't created until it is requested.

The pieces range in length from four to eleven minutes and span many genres. There are no lyrics; the music is allowed to speak to the heart directly.

Each one has a unique title and cover design.

There is currently a waiting list for these pieces, and work is completed in the order it is received. If you have a situation that requires special attention, however, we will try to accommodate your needs.

Pricing and ordering information:

Send an e-mail request to:


What People Are Saying About "Soul Essence":

"This touched the inner core of me. ... Simply magnificent. I just can't express how touched and honored I am."

"That was beautiful. It resonated through me just wonderfully. Fantastic! Thank you, thank you, thank you."

"It is very special to me... Takes me to the depth of my soul, to this quiet place within me, opens my heart to explore the essence of who I am. So wonderful , moving and reflective."

"Now I can relate to everyone who has been so deeply affected by their music that, even if it isn't inherently sad, you feel a deep, resonant ache in your heart."

"Magnificent interpretation of turbulence -- a new life blooming -- accompanied by the depth of struggle, determination, beauty, sadness, failure, hope and resolution.... expresses my fear of failure, the joy of success and the internal turmoil of loss and healing.... enveloped by the search for love and friendship and finding it at last with sustained healing and tears of finality and peace."

"I received my Soul Essence three weeks ago. I feel amazed to find such great and wonderful piece. It reflects my life and struggle very perfectly-- bravo! I don't have any words that can describe my joy and amazement to the piece. It's indescribable. I love it very much. Thanks for composing it for me."
"Thank you for translating the message from my soul and making my Soul Essence. ... The first listening, I felt my life including before I was born, and I felt that I grew up with love. The second listening, I felt I gave things ( seems like love that asks nothing in return). There are angels around there. I felt two messages; one is "I'm always with love, and I'm happy." The other one is "Giving healing with angels to others" ... The message gave me a new life."


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