Whether students are learning to read literature or music, the more they practice the skill, the better they become at it.


In an effort to increase the availability of high-quality music that is available to both blind students learning Braille and sighted students, I have developed collections that challenge and stimulate students of all ages.


I have also tried to provide more opportunities for piano students to play in ensemble situations.


It would be unacceptable for sighted music students not to learn to read notes, and I think the same standards should be in place for the blind.

Literacy is a powerful tool that should be available to everyone.





"Creative Ensembles for Beginning Musicians, 1st Series"

By Stephanie Pieck

Listen to selections from this book by clicking on the title.

  • Basic Blues

  • Walking in the Park

  • Sonora

  • Available from Dancing Dots


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    Braille: $27.95













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