Here's what listeners are saying about "Five Elements".



"I had preconceived ideas of strange tonal sounds and sharp notes. It is not anything like that. The first few notes of "Silver Lining" totally surround you and draw you deeper and deeper into the rich resonating of wonderful cathedral chimes. I felt the sensation of floating on the notes as they faded into the distance ... a warm ethereal experience."

 "I was surprised that “Metal” was so intriguing and harmonic ... loved your cover and titles.  "Golden Rule" was one of my favorites; the chords were beautiful and the melodic line was brilliantly integrated."




Silver Lining............15:13

Mercury Lamp.............13:55

Iron Will................15:08

Golden Rule..............13:46


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Through the instrumentation that was called for, the melodic and harmonic structures, and even the titles, I gained a deeper appreciation for and understanding of "Metal" while working on this project. Hope to encourage us during challenging times, light to guide us through darkness, inner strength to carry us forward and compassion for all those with whom we share this journey revealed themselves at every turn. I have grown as a person, taught by these compositions, and the insights gained, like metal itself, are precious and have connections that will resonate throughout all aspects of life.

May you find peace in your listening, and balance beyond the notes.

Stephanie Pieck April 2008











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