Sacred Light: FoRay(4-A)



If you have listened to any of the music on this CD, you may have noticed that it doesn't do much. This is because it is meant to be used as background for meditation. By using only one instrument for each piece, and


reducing the music to a series of one-minute harmonies,


it allows a listener to focus very completely and deeply on meditation and relaxation.


The pieces follow a natural and gradual progression:

While I was creating this disc, it became clear that it is a natural supplement to the "Five Elements" series, and the music can be seen as a "sixth element": LIGHT.


The interconnections among the music on all the discs have been a source of delight and wonder

for me, and I look forward to seeing more revealed as the cycle unfolds.

May your journey be filled with infinite love and light!


Stephanie Pieck April 2007














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