Five Element Series

The five-element healing tradition of the Chinese began over four thousand years ago. Over the millenia, it has broadened and deepened their approach to all aspects of healing.

Unlike Western medicine, which focuses primarily on treating and relieving symptoms as quickly as possible, the Eastern ideal is to maintain balance within the individual so that symptoms do not develop in the first place. When they do, the Eastern way is to uncover and treat the root cause of the symptoms.


What happens when the ancient five-element framework of the East is blended with the musical creative power and potential of the digital age?


The CD's in this five-disc project are one answer to that question.

Whether you use them for meditation, healing or simply as background music for your daily life, you will be taken on a rich and incredible journey of sound.


"I have been listening to the "Five Elements" for quite awhile, and They are exciting, colorful, and soothing to the mind.  Each CD has its own flavor and I enjoy them more and more as time goes by."


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