Here's what listeners are saying about "Five Elements".



"When I listen to the music on this CD, it evokes the emotions attached to chopping kindling, starting the fire and watching it burn and even the toasty feeling you get when you walk past a home or a camp fire and watch the smoke rise. A very well done work, can't wait for the Earth and Metal installments of this 5 disc set."


"Gently brings you to a special place... refreshing and original... The music will allow your mind to drift freely to what is beautiful and peaceful and calming."




Gathering Kindling..........15:16

Flames Ignite...............14:41

Embers Aglow................15:47

Drifting Smoke..............15:49


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The music on "Fire" reveals the connection humans have with it. We gather wood to feed it, use metal or stone to produce the first spark and flame, and watch in wonder as smoke is carried off into the sky. Whether creator and nurturer or destroyer, our history is bound up with fire. We gather around it to share stories and songs, pass knowledge from generation to generation, and it was this narrative thread and sense of the grand tapestry of us all that captured my imagination while working on this disc.

May you find peace in your listening, and balance beyond the notes.

Stephanie Pieck August 2007











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