Here's what listeners are saying about "Five Elements".



"I am just sitting here listening to the "Earth" music. The very first song brought tears to my eyes. It is truly the most blessed music I have ever heard."


"An intense portrayal of the creation which begins with voices of spectacular wonder, the seasons and all things in their place. Composed with compassion and empathy while portraying keen insight into what has been and is to come....  reflects depth, human understanding, grief, mourning and loss, yet celebrates joy in its experience. Expresses hope and resolve for the universe. Powerful and moving."




Treasure Cave..............16:43

Glacier Valley.............13:48

Volcanic Glass.............15:25

Mountain Evergreen.........15:50

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The music on "Earth" illustrates how earth interacts with the other four elements, as when ice shapes a landscape or fire gives birth to new stone. We also experience the earth as provider of not only a place to live, but the things we need in order to thrive, whether metal for tools or plants for food. The contrasting sense of vastness and intimacy these relationships evoke was a strong guiding influence while I composed this music.

May you find peace in your listening, and balance beyond the notes.

Stephanie Pieck December 2007











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